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PedCom has recently elected our 5th member Katarina Mitrova from the Czech Republic who has over 10 years of experience in doing IUS. In terms of IUS training, we increasingly have more pediatric gastroenterologists completing IBUS Module 1, there is a huge need for Module 2 training in centers that do pediatric IUS. We continue to encourage pediatric gastroenterologists who are actively performing IUS and have done so for more than 1 year and performing 20 or more IUS a week to apply to become trainers.  From a research perspective, we are drafting a retrospective manuscript on what is a normal bowel wall thickness of a healed mucosa in children with Crohn's disease with normal colonoscopy and/or MRE. We are also actively seeking for funding for a multicentre prospective study in IUS in those with pediatric Crohn's disease.

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