IBUS Training Centers

Minimum Requirements

1) Technical requirements: Modern ultrasound machine with good B- and Doppler mode, tissue harmonic imaging, possibility to register video loops, digital documentation preferred; at least two probes (curved array 3 – 5 MHz, linear array 5- 10 MHz); optional CEUS.

2) At least 20 intestinal ultrasound exams of IBD patients per week

3) Training of at least eight weeks per year of 2- to 4-week intervals

4) IBUS Member in good standing


Additional Rules for training centers:

Training Centers:

  • All applications must go through IBUS website
  • Trainees will only pass Module 2 with sign-off from the office once 4-weeks and 80 scans of training have been completed
  • Training centers cannot sign off if trainee has completed less than 4 weeks of training
    • If they believe the trainee does not need additional training, they can reach out to the office with a formal request. The office will then send all request to EduCom for final sign-off
  • Any application not received through IBUS website will not count toward IBUS curriculum. Registration must be done before taking the part-2 hands-on training.

How to apply

Apply now to join the prestigious list of IBUS-Certified Training Centers. To apply please download the LOI here, and fill out the application form below.

Once the IBUS office has received your application and the educational committee has reviewed it, we will reach out regarding the status of your acceptance.

Current IBUS Training Centers

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