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Boost your theoretical knowledge in the use of IUS in IBD.

The complete IBUS training curriculum is designed to teach a learner the theory and psychomotor skills they will need to become competent in IUS image capture, image interpretation and application to clinical settings. Completion of the IBUS eLearning course is the first step in the journey of this learning and is open to all those interested in learning more about Intestinal Ultrasound in IBD.

Course content:

  • Module A: Ultrasound Principles and Machine Familiarization
  • Module B: Intestinal Ultrasound Preparation and Technique
  • Module C: Radiological Features of Normal and Abnormal Bowel

At the end of each module, you will do a short assessment to check your understanding. You are required to achieve 80% or greater to pass. A certificate of completion will be issued to learners who have successfully completed the course.


The costs for the eLearning course is 250 EUR + 19% VAT

Launch in late May 2024

This eLearning program is designed as a self-directed program to introduce you to the concept of Intestinal Ultrasound, basic technique for image acquisition and elementary image interpretation. It is the initial component to the complete Intestinal Ultrasound training and accreditation offered by IBUS. Completion of this does not guarantee progression to further training by IBUS.

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