IBUS Curriculum

An accredited training program

The main objective of this training
program is to teach standardized,
high quality techniques for an IUS
examination. The international
bowel ultrasound curriculum was
therefore established, consisting
of three educational components.
The IBUS curriculum is a holistic
program, developed to be
completed consecutively within a
maximum timeframe of one year.


Hands-on Workshop

Hands-on Training

Advanced Workshop


IBUS Hands-On Workshop

Introduction to intestinal ultrasonography (intensive 2 - 3 days)

During this workshop, exclusively created by the IBUS Group members, the selected participants take part in expert presentations on bowel ultrasound for theoretical knowledge and numerous hands-on sessions in small groups on real patients for practice. Objectives are to learn the basics of ultrasound application in IBD and retain a copy of a bowel ultrasound teaching compendium. To attend Module 1, IBUS members can fill out the online application within the announced deadline. Participants are later selected by an experts’ committee. For more information, please contact the IBUS Group Office workshops@bowel-ultrasound.org


Hands-On Training

4 weeks of daily hands-on training in an expert IBUS training center (4 weeks)

Module 2 of the IBUS Curriculum is a four-week
hands-on training on bowel ultrasound, to be performed in
a certified IBUS training center, which are available in several
countries worldwide. The training aims to deepen knowledge
and practical abilities in bowel ultrasonography gained
in Module 1. The completion of Module 1 prior to Module 2
is therefore mandatory. The independently performed cases
during the training are to be documented in an IBUS logbook
for later certification.


IBUS-Advanced Workshop

incl. final exam

Module 3 is a half-day workshop on advanced bowel ultrasound,
which is held annually during the ECCO congress and DDW.

This Module
is meant to be completed towards the end of the IBUS training



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