ColCom: NEWS 2024

We are excited to share several important developments within the Collaboration Committee (ColCom) and the growth of our network.

Welcoming Dr. Heba Al-Farhan

We extend a warm welcome to Heba Al-Farhan, our newest ColCom member from Kuwait. A distinguished GI leader in the Middle East and newly elected president of the Kuwait Society of Gastroenterology, Heba Al-Farhan brings a wealth of experience and regional perspective to our team. Her previous leadership in IBUS's Communication Committee further enhances our collaborative efforts.

ColCom Restructuring and Global Reach

This year we became five members, but already in 2025, we'll expand ColCom to six members, with a strong focus on LATAM representation to ensure we include all global regions. Our long-term vision is to establish country representatives with a direct contact to the regional representative within ColCom, creating better insights into how IUS implementation happens at national levels. This will help us identify growth patterns and address implementation challenges more effectively.

Industry Support and Expansion

We are grateful for the ongoing support of our corporate members and sponsors. The growing recognition of IBUS's impact is attracting new partnerships, including ultrasound vendors and potentially a broader range of corporate members soon to be announced. This support is vital for driving our projects forward.

iUSCAN and IBUS Joint Reception

iUSCAN and IBUS are delighted to come together for a joint reception during DDW on Sunday, May 19th in Washington DC from 6:30 pm at Hedy's Bar and Pool deck in Washington DC. This is an opportunity to further solidify the commitment to advancing the field of intestinal ultrasound and strengthen collaboration across both groups.

iUSCAN /IBUS members are welcome to join for an informal gathering with a drink and some nibbles. Registration is required for the event.

Strengthening Partnerships

We're actively seeking closer ties with national societies in gastroenterology and pediatrics. Additionally, we aim to forge partnerships with patient organizations to better understand the needs of those we ultimately serve—the patients with IBD.

Thank you for your involvement in IBUS. These positive developments will further strengthen our organization and enhance the use of IUS worldwide.

Collaboration with Alimentiv  

Our collaboration with Alimentiv on pharma-sponsored research trials is gaining momentum.  The inclusion of IUS as a secondary or exploratory endpoint in several trials demonstrates the industry's strong interest in this technology. Our successful central reading service is key, but globally we need more experienced centers to participate and provide high-quality IUS services to patients in these studies.