ColCom: NEWS 2023

The Collaboration Committee (ColCom) is pleased to share with you the latest updates, future events, and our vision for the upcoming periods.


**Committee Work Update**

The ColCom has been diligently striving to solidify IBUS's influence in the domain of intestinal ultrasound. We recognise the significance of industry alliances and are actively seeking fresh collaborations with industry partners. This initiative aims not only to enhance the widespread acknowledgment of intestinal ultrasound but also to sustain our thriving educational and research pursuits. Furthermore, we are expanding our liaisons with ultrasound manufacturers. Our objective is to perfect equipment offerings and boost accessibility among our members in our education and optimize prospective research endeavour's.


**Upcoming Events**

Mark your calendars for the following events where we will meet, share, and ideate:

  • Get-together meeting at UEGW (Note: registrations have now closed).
  • Members meeting at ECCO 2024.
  • A hopeful rendezvous at DDW 2024. Stay tuned for more information on this!


**Vision For The Future**

IBUS is poised to become the beacon for all regional IUS assemblies. With unity in vision, we intend to create a universal platform marked by a shared language and superior educational benchmarks. Our ambitions don’t just end there. In the forthcoming periods, we will reach out to national and regional gastroenterology societies with proposals for collaboration. We also plan to engage more closely with patients, thereby enriching our collective knowledge and experience.

In conclusion, let us strive together, collaborate globally, and uplift the standards of intestinal ultrasound. Together, we make IBUS a force to reckon with.

On behalf of the collaboration committee,

Rune Wilkens

Chair, ColCom, IBUS