Open Elections

Open Elections to all IBUS members in good standing (i.e. those who have paid their membership fees for 2024):

  • President elect
  • 1 seat in the Education Committee
  • 1 seat in the Science Committee
  • 1 seat in theCollaboration Committee
  • 1 seat in the Communication Committee
  • 1 seat in the Pediatric Committee

The deadline for submitting applications for all positions is Monday, January 15th, 2024, at 4pm CET

The President elect will be elected by all IBUS members in good standing, whereas the election of committees will be carried out by respective committee members. The results of the elections will be shared during the IBUS Members’ Meeting on February 21st, 2024, in Stockholm, Sweden. Further details about the venue will be shared soon.

Below, you will find details regarding the application and election process, and responsibilities/ time commitment for each role.

President elect

Candidates applying for the President elect seat are kindly asked to submit their application via e-mail to the IBUS office (, including a short CV (≤2 pages), letter of motivation (≤1 page) and a short video (≤ 3-minute) explaining the candidate´s vision for this position. All applications, including the presentation video, will be posted on the internal IBUS portal.


President elect election process:

We would like to offer the opportunity to all IBUS members in good standing to vote for the president elect regardless of their location. For this reason, the election will be conducted both online and in person.

During the Members’ Meeting on February 21st, 2024, members attending in person will have the opportunity to vote on the same evening. Members who will not be able to join the meeting in person will be given the option to vote online between February 1st and February 8th, 2024 (only the IBUS office will have access to the results from online voting).

The combined result from both online and in-person election will be shared during the Members’ Meeting.

Further information on how to vote online will be shared in mid-January before opening the online election.


The President elect represents IBUS members and, as a member of the Governing Board, participates in Governing Board’s virtual meetings every 3-4 weeks, usually for 2 hours. In addition, the Governing Board holds 2-3 in-person meetings per year. The President elect supports the President in the vision to advocate for IBUS and IBUS members. Furthermore, they contribute to mapping out the overarching strategic direction of IBUS.  The term for the President-elect is 2 years, followed by 2 years as the IBUS President. Throughout this period, they participate on the IBUS Governing Board

Committee members

Candidates applying for committee positions are kindly asked to submit their application here and include their CV (≤ 2 pages) and a letter of motivation (≤1 page).


Committee member election process:

The current members of each committee will review all applications and select the new member by the end of January. The successful candidates will be announced in 2024 at the membership meeting at ECCO.

The Educational Committee members (EduCom) are responsible for the academic organization of the Module 1 workshop and Module 2 hands-on training, webinars, and exploring and developing other IUS educational activities.

The Science Committee members (SciCom) are responsible for the ECCO-IBUS research grant review process, supporting IUS research projects, and developing IBUS scientific projects.

The Collaboration Committee members (ColCom) are IBD Specialists with long-lasting experience in IUS who will focus on the regional or continental strategic expansion of IUS. Additionally, they are responsible for establishing and maintaining robust interaction and collaboration with national and international gastroenterology and ultrasound societies. The committee also promotes corporate membership and organizes the Industrial Board meetings and get-togethers.

The Communication Committee members (ComCom) are responsible for distributing information about IBUS projects and IUS via various social media platforms and drafting the IBUS newsletter (3 per year).

The Pediatric Committee members (PedCom) are responsible for exploring and developing scientific, educational, and strategic pediatric-specific IUS projects.

For the successful committee candidates, the membership term is 3 years, or in the event of being Chair 4 years. Each Committee Chair will participate on the Operational Board, which plays a crucial role in mapping out the strategic direction for the organization.

For additional questions, please contact

We are looking forward to your applications.