ECCO Congress 2023

We had a fruitful meeting for IBUS members at the ECCO congress, which started off with a brilliant welcoming talk by IBUS president Christian Maaser. The high number of attending members exceeded expectations and helped make this wonderful meeting interactive and diverse. Afterwards, the following committee chairs presented briefings of their committee’s work over the last year:


Dan Carter (Israel) - Educational committee chair

Toresten Kucharzik (Germany) - Collaboration committee chair

Mariangela Alloca (Italy) - Scientific committee chair

Heba Al Farhan (Kuwait) - Communication committee chair


Additionally, Michael Dolinger from USA presented the pediatric report and our platinum sponsors, Jansen and Abbvie, each gave an informative presentation.


A few changes to our committees’ structures: a friendly switch of roles between two members resulted in Rune Wilkens from Denmark being our new collaboration committee chair and Torsten Kucharizik from Germany becoming our new treasurer.


Giovanni Macconi from Italy, one of the founders of IBUS and previous vice-chair of the educational committee, was granted IBUS Honorary Membership in light of his contributions and achievements in this field. Shintaro Sagami, an IBUS expert and educational committee member from Japan, won as the recipient of the 2022 IBUS research grant.


Memorable giveaways for members were distributed in support for their efforts: mugs printed with the humorous “Stay calm and focus on Ultrasound” message. The fact that more than 16 abstracts related to bowel ultrasound were accepted at the ECCO congress is a cause to be proud and celebrate.