Education: NEWS 2022 (Update Winter 2022)

EduCom News 2022 (Update Winter 2022)

Educational Subcommittee Update 2022

Continuation of the educational efforts alongside the COVID-19 pandemia is still the main challenge EduCom faces.

After three very successful virtual Module 1 workshops in Portugal, Australia, and The Netherlands, we hope to get back to face-to-face workshops in 2022. The first workshop will take place in Milan in May, and the second - the first one in the US - in New York during September 2022.

During the second part of 2021, European centers in Germany, Italy, and Israel re-opened for face-to-face international tutoring. We hope that more centers will re-open in the following months. All former Module 1 trainees were placed for Module 2 during 2021-2022.

New teaching centers for Module 2 were IBUS certified in Israel, Italy, and Croatia.

The number of webinars increased in 2021. For 2022 we plan at least six webinars presented by IBUS IUS experts. A new webinar library with recordings of past webinars is available now for IBUS members on the IBUS portal (Link:

For 2022 EduCom plans an advanced IBUS workshop on endoanal and perineal ultrasound for experienced IUS performing gastroenterologists who wish to expand their knowledge. Further information will be shared in due course.

The EduCom continues its efforts to improve IUS education. Seats for new EduCom members are now available and interested IBUS members are warmly welcomed to apply for a seat in the committee.

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