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The recent elections for the EduCom brought new faces to the committee. Dr. Lauren White (Australia), Dr. Hughie Fraser (Canada), and Dr. Shintaro Sagami (Japan) have joined Dr. Frauke Petersen (Germany - reelected), Prof. Gianni Maconi (Italy – vice chair), and Prof. Dan Carter (Israel - chair). The new EduCom committee is continuing the work of the former committee, and this is time to thank Dr. Deike Strobel (Germany) and Dr. Anil Asthana (Australia), who were part of the committee during the last three years.

We returned to face-to-face meetings. Module 1 took place in Stresa, Italy, under the leadership of Prof. Mariangela Allocca and Prof. Giovani Maconi. Participates from all over the world joined IBUS experts for two days of lectures and hands-on sessions and can continue now for Module 2 training.

The next Module 1 workshop will take place at the end of September in New York, USA, under the leadership of Prof. Marla Dubinsky and Dr. Michael Dolinger. This is the first IBUS workshop held in the USA, mirroring the vast interest that has risen in intestinal ultrasound in the USA. A second American IBUS Module 1 workshop will take place next year in Chicago under the leadership of Prof. David Rubin and Dr. Noa Krugliak Cleveland. Module 1 workshops will also be held in Lüneburg, Germany, and Hyderabad, India next year.

Module 2 centers have reopened and are now accepting trainees from all over the world for two to four weeks of exciting hands-on IUS exams under the supervision of IBUS experts. A new logbook enables ongoing feedback and supervision. A new online scheduling system for Module 2 is under development, to be shortly released for direct scheduling of Module 2 training.

Module 3 will take place during the next ECCO meeting, and many new physicians will be granted the IBUS certificate for finalizing the IBUS curriculum.

Online webinars are held every two months, covering many interesting topics. If you are interested in joining our lecturers or have an interesting topic you would like to hear about, do not hesitate to contact the IBUS office.

The EduCom is widening the scope of our teaching. A new advanced online hands-on workshop on perineal and transrectal ultrasound in IBD will take place in November under the direction of Prof. Maconi and Prof. Carter. This workshop is directed to advanced intestinal ultrasound performers interested in widening their knowledge of new ultrasound techniques.

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