Our Faculty

Christian Maaser
Christian MaaserChair, Prof. Dr. Med., MD
Ambulanzzentrum am Klinikum Lueneburg, Germany University of Muenster, University of Hamburg, Germany
Giovanni Maconi
Giovanni MaconiAss. Prof., MD
Luigi Sacco University Hospital, Milan, Italy University of Milan, Italy
Kim Nylund
Kim NylundPost Doc, MD, PhD
Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway University of Bergen, Norway
Carolina Palmela
Carolina PalmelaMD
Hospital Beatriz Ângelo, Lisboa, Portugal
Torsten Kucharzik
Torsten Kucharzik Prof. Dr. Med., MD
Lüneburg Hospital, Germany University of Hamburg, Germany
Kerri L Novak
Kerri L NovakClinical assistant prof., MD, FRCCP
Foothills Medical Centre, Calgary, AB, Canada University of Calgary, AB, Canada
Rune L Wilkens
Rune L WilkensMD, PhD
Rigshospitalet, Clinic for Stomach, intestinal and liver diseasee, Copenhagen, Denmark University of Copenhagen
Dan Carter
Dan CarterMD, FEBGH
Director of the Neurogastroenterology and pelvic floor service at Department of Gastroenterology, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel

Our Workshops

Workshop expericence since our first workshop in Lueneburg 2016


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Everybody is welcome to join the IBUS Group. Anybody wanting to become a member of the Association has to submit a written application, the acceptance of which will be decided by the Executive Board. Individual and institutional members can fill out the application form online (or use Link to PDF) and make the membership payment as well online.

For becoming a corporate member, please contact the IBUS Group office.

Members acknowledge and adhere to the Articles of Association and to conduct themselves accordingly.

Work groups
within IBUS

With reference to the board, IBUS Group has four work groups with different responsibilities, decided by the board. Each work group member is suggested by the board.

Collaboration and Funding

Ensuring sufficient funding for all key activities is essential. Main funding sources are Pharma and medico-industry. All financial agreements will be conducted through the member(s) of this work group. Collaborating with other opinion leaders within the field of IBD is important. Reaching out to other societies or individuals is also an important task within this work group.


All overall educational activities are planned by this work group, with highest focus on Module I and II. Other important additional educational activities like webinars and e-learning will receive increasing attention from this work group.


This working group has a major task to coordinate, initiate and conduct research and a research strategy in order to cover the most important research questions within intestinal ultrasound. The work group will focus on both clinical research with international and multicenter trials a long with systematic reviews/meta-analyses.

Innovation & Communication

Disseminating knowledge of intestinal ultrasound is the overall goal of the IBUS Group. The innovation and communication work groups major task is to focus on internal and external online communication through building a website and online communication platform plus social media presence. Other key elements are e-learning platform and a secure central reading system for research purposes.